Smart24x7 Mobile App Associate with Mohali Police


This launch of safety mobile app is to provide solutions to reduce response time challenges faced by the citizens in everyday life. Mohali Police in association with Smart24x7 Response Services Pvt. Gurgaon- Haryana (India) Ltd has launched Smart24x7 Safety App.  Sh. Inder Mohan Singh Bhatti, SSP Mohali, has graced the Launch Event with his presence. Mr. Bhatti stated, “It is a unique initiative which has been taken to simplify communication process during unexpected emergencies. With Smart24x7 “Mobile Platform”, the victim will be able to access the Police Control Room instantly. And the police will be alerted without any loss of time about an emergency/distress situation. It would also help in reducing the crucial response time of police by ten minutes. Because they get instant location of the victim. There will be no wastage of time in reaching victim for help.

Mohali Police, Punjab has taken this initiative to help working women’s, women’s, girls, children’s & Old age people by empowering them with an additional security which will help them in case of Panic situation/Emergencies like- Theft, Stalking, Dowry violence, Sexual harassment, Medical emergencies.

About Smart24x7 Safety App

According to Mr. CP Singh, Founder Smart Group, “With the Launch of Smart24x7 Safety App with Police Department, Mohali. We aim to offer an edge to the Police services. With the help of our Application the response time will get reduced dramatically. Because location will be immediately announced to the Police Control Room.

During any emergency, the most important thing for victim is to avail the help in the least possible time. With the help of Application they will be able to see response of Police, Fire & Ambulance. Also Smart24x7 Safety App will help victim’s Near & Dear Ones to know the exact location and response offered by Service Agencies. Smart24x7 is offering this platform to all the Police Control rooms which can enable them to know the location & the name of the victim. This helps them save at least ten crucial minutes of their communication. Soon we are about to introduce new features in our Application- Panic Alert by Power Press, Shaking of phone & integrating it with your Bluetooth devices like earphones.

Smart24x7 Mobile Platform has been successfully integrated & is being used by the Gurgaon police, Jalandhar Police, Jammu Police, Noida Fire Department & Lucknow Fire Department. In the coming days ahead we will be launching in Kashmir, Bangalore, and many more cities.


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