Alert: Critical Security Updates Needed for iTunes and Google Chrome

Critical Security Updates Needed for iTunes and Google Chrome

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of India has recently issued urgent security alerts for users of iTunes and Google Chrome on desktop platforms. Due to identified vulnerabilities, these applications could potentially allow cyber attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on users’ systems.

Apple iTunes Vulnerability Alert

A specific vulnerability in Apple iTunes, identified in the CoreMedia component, can be exploited through a specially crafted request by attackers. This vulnerability primarily impacts users operating iTunes version earlier than 12.13.2 on Windows systems. According to CERT, the flaw in CoreMedia fails to perform adequate security checks, which could lead to unauthorized code execution on the affected computer.

How to Secure Your System: iTunes users are strongly encouraged to update their application to the latest version to mitigate this risk. This can be done by navigating to the Help menu in iTunes and selecting ‘Check for Updates’.

Google Chrome Security Warning

CERT has also uncovered multiple critical vulnerabilities in Google Chrome, due to ‘use-after-free’ errors in the Visuals and ANGLE components, which can lead to heap corruption. These flaws could be exploited by directing a victim to a malicious HTML page. Alarmingly, one of these vulnerabilities, designated CVE-2024-4671, is currently known to be actively exploited.

The vulnerabilities affect Chrome versions prior to 124.0.6367.201/.202 on Windows and Mac, and version 124.0.6367.201 on Linux.

How to Protect Your Browser: Chrome users should immediately update their browser to the latest version to close these security gaps. Users can update Chrome by going to the ‘Help’ menu and selecting ‘About Google Chrome’, which triggers an automatic search for available updates.

Stay Protected

Both Apple and Google have responded to these threats by releasing updates. It is crucial for users of iTunes and Google Chrome to apply these updates without delay to protect their digital environments from potential threats. Regularly updating your software is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to enhance your cybersecurity posture.


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