Smart 24×7

Smart 24x7Technology has given humans the power to stand against any level of difficulty and deal with it bravely. We at Smart24x7 aim to introduce such technologies to the society. Based on cutting edge technology and powered by technically rich infrastructure, we have established strongly networked platform, which fulfils your safety related needs. With rise in crime, anxiety, stress & violence in our day to day lives, Smart24x7 aims to bring help to users when their safety is threatened or they are in any emergency. This is a unique approach towards strengthening existing protection. Today smart phones are more than devices you can use to communicate, listen to music & surf the internet. Hence, they are capable of aiding safety for you as well as your homes. To bring this unique level of safety and security in your routine life, Smart 24×7 App (Download from Google Play Store) works with an integrated and highly efficient system. We have designed the unique safety mobile Application, which will walk along with you as inherent part of your life. The special feature about this android safety App is that it helps you to connect with your reliable contacts automatically whenever you find yourself in trouble or need to find help for someone around you. The App has a panic button, which does the major task of auto-communicator for you during the moments of distress. This App gives you freedom to save five major contact numbers in this app, to which you want to inform about your troubling situations. The reliable contacts should be added there and our App will make sure that a notification message reaches them, whenever, you need them to know that you are in trouble.


  • eEnsuring Safety and Security for home and your loved ones.
  • eFacilitation during unexpected Emergencies.
  • eEnsuring 24×7 help anywhere and anytime.

Apart from the mobile application, Smart24x7 aims to offer services in the various other segments like RWA’s, BPO’s, Corporate’s, campus & even end home users through the automated and sensor determined devices which includes intrusion detector, smoke detector, motion detector, special sensors for wardrobes, glass break sensors, fire/heat sensors and threat detectors. These automated devices keep check on the security aspects and gives you peace of mind. We also help you manage your pre-installed devices at your premises, be it Corporate, BPO’s, Educational institutions or even home.

Businesses/ Companies/ Institutes are now introducing high-tech devices within their premises for Safety and Security of their teams. Smart24×7 is a leading step in this arena to understand these concerns and offer Smart Solutions for modern age Organizations.

Smart24x7 brings You Smart Solutions which offers:-

  • eWe are into managed security services which is helpful for you to keep a check on safety & security of students/employees throughout the Campus/Corporate 24×7.
  • eWe provide Emergency medical support services to manage any untoward incident inside the Campus/Corporate 24×7.
  • eWe depute Ambulance’s for events/seminars/trade fairs to manage any unexpected medical Emergencies.

The Emergency medical service includes setting up of medical room inside the Campus/Corporate and stationing an ambulance exclusively for the these institutes during the working hours.

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