KlugKraftKlugkraft Technologies (P) Ltd is the latest and fastest growing brand, engaged in innovating Zigbee based automation products and solutions aimed at delivering highly flexible, scalable, inter-operable products and solutions through advanced wireless technology. Klugkraft’s products are helping customers realize their aspirations through its intuitive innovations for homes, buildings, offices, retail, transportation, industrial, commercial and government markets.Founded in 2012, Klugkraft ‘s team mission is focused on revolutionizing customer’s experience in automation field through elegant, innovative yet affordable products.Any typical day at Klugkraft is engaged and engrossed in visualizing customers enjoying and simplifying daily aspect of life using our solutions.

Klugkraft leverages on its global structure, to bring the best experience to its customers, where its designs are rendered in Europe and manufacturing is supported through most competitive geographies of the world. Klugkraft is an ISO9001 certified organization dedicated to deliver quality products and solutions through its proven systems and process oriented approach. As a mark of its commitment towards society and environment Klugkraft has embraced global universal principles to partner with United Nations through Global Compact.

Klugkraft Technologies Pvt Ltd is the fastest growing IOT brand. We are the world’s leading IOT Products, Solutions and Service Organization focused on improving day to day experience in life. We are constantly evolving with newer products and solutions which will meet current and future needs of our society through most sustainable technologies.

Klugkraft envisions a new era in IOT Automation Technology for Home / Buildings / Office / Hotels / Hospitals / Retail spaces which will not only simplify user’s experience with technology, but will also bring vision to reality with simplistic use of its technology.To define our simplicity Our products are based on latest Zigbee wireless technology and solutions are hosted on Cloud. Eco-consciousness breathe in our products which aim at revolutionizing Green and Sustainable Societies. We will be one of the best places to work for the people who share the same passion for society, environment and technology.