Our Team

We at SMART are honoured to introduce our workforce who represents us in the marketplace. We have honed skills and acquired talent in each area to put together our present team of highly dedicated individuals. The hierarchy of workflow is organized to empower our employees and is in tandem with our bottom-up approach to solutions.

At the head of the team, we have our SMART leaders who conceptualized the idea of SMART group as it exists today, and it is their vision and their expertise that is the foundation of the organization as a whole. The team is spearheaded by a group of mentors associated with us, who hold the key to help transform the seeds of ideas into fruitful business ventures. These mentors offer guidance to and facilitate strategic decision making in each of the firms incubated with us, and some of them continue to be respected members of their directorial boards.

In addition to the mentors, we assign two dedicated incubation managers to each of the companies being incubated with us. Their task is to focus solely on the venture at hand, and lead these companies from the front.

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