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Hindustan Times Use #Smart24x7 Panic App

Hindustan Times Use #Smart24x7 Panic App in Case of FIRE-May 26,2014
One of the key features of Smart24x7 is its real-time GPS tracking, which allows designated contacts to pinpoint the user’s location, facilitating swift action when time is of the essence. Additionally, the app is equipped with a panic button, an essential tool that initiates a discreet alert in situations where the user might be unable to make a call. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where discretion is necessary for the user’s safety.

Smart24x7 Mobile App Associate with Mohali Police


To provide solutions to such challenges faced by the citizens in everyday life, Mohali Police in association with Smart24x7 Response Services Pvt. Gurgaon- Haryana (India). Ltd has launched Smart24x7 Mobile Safety App. Sh. Inder Mohan Singh Bhatti, SSP Mohali, has graced the Launch Event with his presence.