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Cyber Insurance, also called cyber liability insurance, offers protection to businesses and individuals against financial losses caused by cyberattacks or data breaches. It covers expenses related to data recovery, legal fees, notifying affected parties, and potential liability claims. In today’s digital age, with evolving cyber threats, organizations of all sizes are recognizing the growing importance of cyber insurance.

Why every CXO should embrace Cybersecurity.


At Smart Group, we advocate for a fresh perspective on security, urging businesses to adopt flexible, outcome-driven approaches. This involves understanding the business context of cybersecurity investments and prioritizing actions based on their impact on business operations and outcomes.

Cybersecurity For Small Business

Best Practice for Cybersecurity-for-small-business.

By reading this document, you’ll gain valuable insights into the latest Cybersecurity for Small Businesses trends and tools, helping you build a robust defence system for your business. Remember, investing a small amount of time now in understanding cyber threats can save you from potentially devastating consequences in the future.