Event: Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF)

Welcome to nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF)

Date: 20th-21st FEB, 2024 Venue: Jio World Convention Center, Mumbai, India
About Leadership Forum:
Welcome to Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum (NTLF) – the largest tech and leadership gatherings in Asia. For three decades, NTLF has been instrumental in propelling India’s trajectory towards a technology-driven future. In this Forum top industry experts, tech innovators, and business leaders meet to shape the future of technology. It’s a place for deep conversations, brilliant ideas, and exciting partnerships.
We invite you to join us for vibrant conversations and thought-provoking exchanges, paving the way for the digital landscape of tomorrow. Explore cutting-edge trends, network with industry leaders, and contribute to the collective vision shaping the future with AI, evolved leadership, and a hyperconnected society.
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NASSCOM, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, is a pivotal force in India’s tech landscape. Established in 1988, it champions the IT and ITES industry. NASSCOM is renowned for its advocacy, fostering growth and innovation. It serves as a platform for networking, policy-making, and global outreach. With a focus on skill development, NASSCOM empowers professionals and startups alike. It’s instrumental in shaping India’s position as a global IT hub. Through initiatives like NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, it nurtures entrepreneurship. NASSCOM’s commitment to excellence drives the tech sector forward, making it an indispensable part of India’s digital journey.

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