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The technology and startup industry is abuzz with recent advancements; AI and quantum computing are breaking new ground, promising transformative changes across sectors. Industry events are increasingly focusing on fostering diversity in tech, highlighting the need for inclusive growth and representation in the rapidly evolving digital world. Smart Group keeps you upto date with Latest News & Events

The Dawn of Living Computer: Revolutionizing AI and Energy Efficiency

In a groundbreaking advancement that merges biology and technology, Swedish scientists have unveiled the world's [...]

NUCA: Redefining Image Creation with AI-Powered Cameras

NUCA, a speculative design and art project by Mathias Vef and Benedikt Groß, aims to [...]

Alert: Critical Security Updates Needed for iTunes and Google Chrome

Critical Security Updates Needed for iTunes and Google Chrome.The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of [...]

Microservices and DevOps : A Perfect Match for Scalability

Smart Group India recognizes the transformative potential of these methodologies. We offer consultancy in providing [...]

Google Drive: A New Frontier for Spam Attacks

Google Drive, a widely embraced platform for file storage and sharing. It has recently come [...]

RBI’s Directive to Banks Amid Rising Cyber Threats as per CSITE

In a proactive move to safeguard the Indian banking sector from the escalating threats of [...]

Understanding the New AI Act: A Guide for Everyone

The European Parliament has made a significant move by approving the AI Act. Here's what [...]

GOI Mandates MeitY Approval for Deployment of AI and Generative AI Models

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in India introduced a new mandate requiring companies [...]