Keep a moment for introspection and recalibration.


As the sun sets on the final day of each month, I carve out a moment for introspection, a tradition I’ve come to value deeply. This practice, rooted in the meticulous habits I cultivated during my academic years. It involves pondering three pivotal questions—a ritual that has the potential to reshape one’s life trajectory.

  1. At this juncture in my life, what holds paramount importance, and am I channeling my efforts adequately towards it? In the whirlwind of daily tasks, it’s all too easy to lose focus on what truly matters, mistaking the urgent for the important. This inquiry serves as a beacon, guiding me back to my core values and priorities.
  2. Do my existing routines and habits pave the way to my envisioned future? This question prompts me to scrutinize the fabric of my daily life. Ensuring that each thread weaves seamlessly into the tapestry of my long-term aspirations, fostering momentum with purpose.
  3. What excess baggage must I shed to streamline my journey towards efficiency? This could encompass:
    • Endeavours that sap my vitality,
    • Duties that loom over me, unwelcome,
    • Responsibilities better entrusted to others,
    • Destructive habits or toxic connections that stifle my progress.

I approach this with a surgeon’s precision, excising anything that impedes my forward march.

Introspection and Recalibration

These reflections find their home in the pages of my trusty notebook. A practice consuming roughly half an hour but rich in introspection and recalibration. This monthly ritual has been a cornerstone of my growth for the past two years, a testament to the power of reflection.

Echoing the wisdom of John Dewey, “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” The absence of reflection is a direct path to stagnation. It is through the marriage of experience and contemplation that we blossom.

About CP Singh
CP Singh embarked on his technological journey with a foundation laid at Guru Nanak Public School in Delhi, where he transitioned from a self-described ‘average student’ to an academic achiever. His passion for computer science flourished during his B.Tech at Karnataka University, especially in areas like mechanical drawings and programming, leading to remarkable academic success. This academic and practical prowess set the stage for a career marked by innovation and a deep commitment to advancing the technology sector. He co-founded Smile Group and Founded Smart Group


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