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Behavior change involves actively altering individual or collective actions, habits, and attitudes. People deliberately shift from existing behaviors to desired ones, aiming for personal growth or societal improvements. Various factors like education, awareness, incentives, and social norms influence behavior change. It plays a pivotal role in areas such as public health, sustainability, and personal development, empowering individuals and communities to adapt and positively adjust their actions and choices.

Phone addiction impacting your relationship!

Addiction to phone and your relationship with friends and family

Phone addiction, a modern digital dilemma, is increasingly impacting personal relationships, both within families and among colleagues. When individuals become engrossed in their phones, constantly checking notifications, scrolling through social media, or responding to non-urgent messages, they inadvertently create a barrier to real-world interactions. This habit can lead to a sense of emotional distance, as family members and colleagues often feel neglected or secondary to the virtual world. In family settings, it disrupts quality time, diminishes the depth of conversations, and can erode the sense of togetherness.